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Recipe Converter

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Quickly scale or resize your recipes.

Kitchen Calculator

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Convert cooking/baking measurement units.

Kitchen Calculator

Convert between the most common units used in cooking and baking.

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With the kitchen calculator, you'll be able to convert between the different measurement units most commonly used in cooking and baking. The kitchen calculator has unit converters for volume, weight, length, time, and temperature. You can even convert units with fractions!

Recipe Converter

Quickly scale or resize your recipes.



Copy, paste, and convert. These are the basic steps to get you going with the recipe converter.

The recipe converter will quickly scale or resize your recipes so that you can put together a quick grocery list of ingredients to help you shop. It's also a great way to make sure you have everything before you get started cooking or baking.

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With just a few quick steps, the recipe converter tool (recipe multiplier / recipe divider) can help you convert recipes in no time.

Most ingredient lists found on popular recipe sites can be copied and pasted right into the recipe converter. No need to type out each ingredient item line by line into table cells or multiple form fields.

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The recipe converter gives you complete control over which numbers should scale and which numbers should not.

Use the "##" operator to tag numbers to scale. Use the "//" operator to tag numbers to ignore.

Recipe Search Bar

A search bar optimized to find recipes.

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Whether you're looking for a recipe by name or want to search for recipes by using ingredient keywords, you can rely on getting the most relevant and popular results.